The Somerset Connection

Members of the family listed in Bishops' Transcripts, parish records
and land surveys for the hamlet of Pendomer
1548 ..... Arrival of Thomas & Edith, possibly followed by Richard.
1549 ..... Edith, d. of Thomas/Edith born.
1552 ..... Elizabeth d. of Thomas/Edith born.
1561 6th Sept William baptised.
1565 3rd March Dorothy baptised
1568 12th Sept John baptised.
1575 6th May Alice d. of Elizabeth baptised.
1578 ..... Dorothy marries John Rendall
1580 11th April Edith marries Symon Holmes
1583 26th Jan. Elizabeth marries Wllliam Derdagh
1593 27th Feb. Agnes d. of John baptised.
1595 13th March William born
" 16th Oct. Katerina, d. of John baptised.
1596 l9th Jan. Katerina     "      "     buried.
1597 11th Feb. Agnes, widow, buried.
1598 26th March William s. of John baptised.
1607 23rd June Margaret d. of William baptised.
1622 5th Sept John marries Joan Mudford.
1630 4th June William s. of William/Sara baptised
" "        "       "        "       "       died.
1634 3rd Dec John buried.
1636 20th Feb. Rose d. of Thomas buried.
" 30th April John s. of Robert/Edith baptised.
1637 30th Jan. Ann d. of Thomas/Margaret baptised.
" Jan. Thomas s. of    "      "      buried.
" 15th May Jane d. of         "      "      buried.
1639 9th June Roger s. of Robert/Elizabeth baptised.
1649 ..... William base s. of Elizabeth baptised.
1659 ..... Edith born. (m) Richard Genge, Pendomer 1667
1662 30th Sept. Roger s. of Roger baptised.
1666 18th ? Samuel s. of Roger/Jane baptised...d.20.l1.1762
1686 ..... Joseph born. d. 21.4.1746.
1731 ..... Samuel s. of Joseph born.
" 25th Jan. Joseph marries Joan Mullins.
" 29th May Thomas s. of Thomas/Mary baptised.
1732 17th May James marries May Chaffy
" 19th Nov Michael s. of Samuel baptised
1735 28th Sept. Mary (widow) buried.
1737 29th June Francis s. of Samuel/Christian baptised.d.l8.3.1760
1738 18th Feb. Elizabeth d.of    "     "     baptised.
1740 11th May Elizabeth d. of Robert/Dorcas baptised.
1742 10th Nov. Joseph s. of Samuel/Christian baptised.
" 25th Dec. Mary d. of Robert/Dorcas baptised.
1743 18th Feb. Edith (wife of Richard Genge), buried.
" 20th March Joseph s. of Samuel & Xer buried.
1744 21st April Joseph (aged 80) buried.
1748 23rd Aug. Jane (widow of Joseph) buried, aged 72.
1750 5th Feb. Joan marries John Genge.
1755 8th Dec. William marries Mary Rowsel of N. Perrot.
1757 19th Dec. Lewis dies of smallpox
1758 22nd Aug. Joan marries Joseph Ham.
1759 29th Nov. William marries Sarah Cox (both of Pendomer)
1760 22nd Jan. Samuel marries Mary Bartlett of Barwick.
" 18th March Francis buried.
" 7th May Samuel Bartlett marries Mary Bartlett.
1762 ..... "Old" Samuel dies.
" 17th Nov. William s. of William/Sarah baptised.
1764 15th Oct. Elizabeth marries Richard Eastment
1767 25th Jan. Johannah d. of William/Sarah baptised.
" 16th June Robert s. of William/Mary baptised.
1769 7th May Robert s. of William baptised.
1771 7th July John s. of William/Sarah baptised.
1778 20th Dec. William s. of William/Anne baptised.
1792 1st Jan. William buried.
" 6th Nov. Joan marries William Tuck.
1795 5th May Roase marries John Taylor.
1812 29th March Ann d. of Rohert/Sarah baptised.
1815 12th March William s. of Robert/Sarah baptised.
1818 27th Dec. Mary d. of Richard & Sarah bapt. (H.M.)
1860 6th Nov. Harriet marries Charles Hall (both of Pendomer)
Figure 14

NOTE 1... The 1664 Hearth Tax return includes Roger Bartlett who was liable for payment of 6/- at Pendomer.
NOTE 2... The 1725 Land Survey of Pendomer shows that:
  • .John, Robert and Robert (junior) possessed .1 tenement, 1 orchard, a garden and closes of land of 7 acres.
  • .Phillip, Thomas & Edith possessed land known as "Backside".
  • .Samuel Bartlett possessed 1 tenement and garden, 2 orchards, plus several closes of land totalling 54 acres.

Pendomer Bartletts married at other parish churches
13.3.1593 Dorothy Bartlett/John Rendall - East Coker.
2.10.1647 Francis Bartlett/Amy Sloman - Tintinhull.
19. 5.1716 Robert Bartlett/Mary Hallett - Chard.
17.1.1737 William Bartlett/Frances Bartlett Dawe - East Chinnock.
24.10.1744 Robert Bartlett/Dorcas Rendall - Crewkerne.
5.12.1755 William Bartlett/Mary Rowsel - N.Perrot.
13.5.1763 Elizabeth Bartlett/John Dore - East Chinnock.
21.4.1774 Mary Bartlett/John Cox - Hardington Mandeville.
22.8.1799 Edith Bartlett/Thornas Leach - Hardington Mandeville.
13.11.1781 Mary Bartlett/James Wadman - East Chinnock.
6.10.1783 William Bartlett/Grace Cole - East Chinnock.
5. 5.l 800 Phillip Bartlett/Harriet Mudford - East Coker.
15.12.1801 Richard Bartlett/Sarah Cox - Hardington Mandeville.
1815 Elizabeth Bartlett/Richard Genge - East Coker.
Figure 15

Marriages between Bartletts and members of the Genge family
1561 Edith Bartlett/Lawrence Genge - Piddleton
1593 Jane Bartlett/Charles Genge - Piddleton
1667 Edith Bartlett/Richard Genge - Pendomer
1655 Mary Bartlett/Thomas Genge - Pendomer
1750 Joan Bartlett/John Genge - Pendomer
1765 Robert Bartlett/Elizabeth Genge - Hardington Manor
1815 Elizabeth Bartlett/Richard Genge - East Coker.
1822 Samuel Bartlett/Betsy Genge - East Chinnock
1825 George Genge/Joan Bartlett - Halstock
1855 Charles Bartlett/Sarah Genge East Chinnock.
Figure 16
..... this Lawrence Genge was a son of the Rev. Thomas Genge, vicar at St.Mary's, Piddleton, and the composer of the epitaph to Alice, widow of Robert Bartlett alias Hancock; whilst Edith was a daughter of Thomas & Edith who left Piddleton to make their home at Pendomer.
..... In 1551 Robert Genge of Piddleton, and unquestionably brother of Lawrence, married Eleanor Paulett, daughter of Thomas, Lord Paulett of Mosterton Manor, 5 miles distant from Pendomer. This is another link between both places and both families... and offers an interesting similarity between "Paulett" and "Paul" , the Pendomer family those ancestor Tremor Paul is buried at Piddleton and whose descendants married with Bartletts including that of Emily Dommett Paul to Robert Bartlett, the compiler's great grandfather!.
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